RTE oversees all aspects of the Artist’s career. We pride ourselves on representing only the very top music Artists who are considered the best in their specific music genre. These Artists consistently demonstrate the desire to achieve the highest possible recognition and financial rewards for their gifted skills.

We assist, advise, and provide guidance for our Artist clients on all creative and music career business decisions. Our intention is to provide the necessary support & guidance in order for the Artist to realize their aspiration to rise to the top of the music industry in their chosen music genre. 

We first assist the Artist by determining the best strategies. Second, we help implement them assuring the Artist's success meets and then exceeds their current artist status. 

For the Artist, it's about creating and developing the best possible career development plan of action for success in the National and International music industry. Artists require management & support to successfully enact and implement their plan with passion and an unwavering commitment for success.

Our “Artist Career Development Plan” is designed to develop & accelerate the Artist's career and is tailored to the Artist’s specific situation and specific needs.  This strategic career plan outlines clear and concise achievable milestones. It contains a series of implementation steps, time-lines and actions, and provides steps for forward progress to achieve upward career movement goals.
Using our proven methodology we enable our music Artist client to realize their career development milestone in an accelerated fashion, while building career aspirations that can map out to other additional music aspirations and opportunities.
The Artist Career Development Plan, and RTE’s implementation skills clearly differentiates our company within the industry and positions our Artists ahead of the competition!

Company Overview

            International Management

Press / Media Room

Management, Terry Robbins - President/Owner

Terry is an International music artist manager and International booking agent with 30+ years' experience in the music industry. He has managed multiple International music artists throughout the US, England, and Australia involving successful international tours since 2001.
He is best described as a take-charge artistic guy with an emotional makeup, passionate, great people & communication skills with an ability to connect with people.
Terry has acquired major record label &  promotional marketing representation for artist clients in the UK, US, and Australia. He generated international media and promotions through International Marketing that provided $250k in additional revenue. He’s also acted as an Artist Agent for BMI and ASCAP publishing royalties.
Terry’s key motivators are to establish & develop his business to the level that it will support his music passion and enable him to live & work in the industry he loves. He also seeks to express his artistic side and work for himself.
In addition to his music management career, Terry has 20+ years' professional experience in the IT/High Tech industry through his working experience at IBM, Lotus, HP, Dell, CSC, etc...

Terry is a Honor Graduate with a B.S. degree in Electronics Technology from Brown Technology and an undergraduate B.A. degree in Music / Electronics from Minnesota State University (Mankato).