Success Dimensions are executed by RTE with:

  • Talent
  • Skills
  • Mutual Respect
  • Insight
  • Awareness
  • Understanding
  • Capability
  • Superior Effort
  • Timeliness


How Artists Benefit

Artist Career Development Plan:

  • Designed to develop and accelerate the Artist's career by being tailored to the Artist’s specific situation and specific needs.

Meeting  Artist's Needs With:

  • Business Experience
  • Integrity & Reputation
  • Superior Music Industry Acumen
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning Skills
  • Superior Project Management Skills
  • Superior Team Leadership & Building Skills


The Artist Career Development Plan, along with our precise implementation techniques clearly differentiates us within the industry by positioning our Artists for attainable success.

International Artist Management consistently achieves:

  • The highest possible recognition and,
  • The highest possible financial rewards for the Artist's gifted skills

Proven methodology and implementation techniques:

  • Enabling our music client Artists to realize their career development milestones in an accelerated fashion
  • Building career aspirations that can map out to other additional music aspirations and opportunities

Developing & Accelerating  Music Careers!

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