Hamilton Loomis - www.HamiltonLoomis.com

                                       launched Hamilton's International career back in 2004. RTE was responsible for developing & accelerating Hamilton's musical career for more than 10+ years throughout the UK, Western Europe, Scandinavia and coast to coast throughout Australia. RTE's career development plan, proven methodology, and implementation was instrumental in securing Loomis as a household name in specific music genres throughout these International regions and greatly accelerated and increased Hamilton's visibility in every International region we worked.

RubenV - www.RubenV.com     

One of the more recent signings on the           artist roster. Texas Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter RubenV, is another accomplished artist that adds to an already impressive RTE artist roster. RTE is proud to have arranged Ruben's very first UK appearance as one of the headline acts for a Nov 2014 Scotland Festival. Ruben was then offered a followup return engagement back to Scotland in June 2015. RTE looks forward to expanding Ruben's profile in the UK, Europe, and beyond!


                                    Bob Malone - www.BobMalone.com

                                                is pleased to be working with John Fogerty's long-time keyboardist, Bob Malone. A superb keyboardist/singer/songwriter in his own right, Bob

                                        continues to tour World-wide with his own band and performs Solo as well. RTE started working with Bob back in 2013 as we embarked on successful International tour in Australia. Following on with a May 2014 European tour and then Bob's first full UK tour later in 2014. RTE continued accelerating and developing Bob's musical career in 2015 with an Italian tour followed by a very successful UK tour in October 2015. In 2018, RTE facilitated a 3rd UK tour in Oct & Nov 2018. With RTE's career development plan and proven methodology, we expect Bob's International exposure to continue to expand in these and other regions significantly throughout the future.